• Have someone call 911

  • Have someone go get nearest AED located between Court 6 and the pool area.

  • Start manual CPR chest compressions

Before Using the AED

These AED steps should be used when caring for a non-breathing child aged 8 or older who weighs more than 55 pounds, or an adult.

After checking the scene and ensuring that the person needs help, you should ask a bystander to call 911 for help, then:

1Turn on the AED and follow the visual and/or audio prompts.


2Open the person's shirt and wipe his or her bare chest dry. If the person is wearing any medication patches, you should use a gloved (if possible) hand to remove the patches before wiping the person's chest.


3Attach the AED pads, and plug in the connector (if necessary).


4Make sure no one is, including you, is touching the person. Tell everyone to "stand clear."


5Push the "analyze" button (if necessary) and allow the AED to analyze the person's heart rhythm.


6If the AED recommends that you deliver a shock to the person, make sure that no one, including you, is touching the person – and tell everyone to "stand clear." Once clear, press the "shock" button.


7Begin CPR after delivering the shock. Or, if no shock is advised, begin CPR. Perform 2 minutes (about 5 cycles) of CPR and continue to follow the AED's prompts. If you notice obvious signs of life, discontinue CPR and monitor breathing for any changes in condition.


To see the steps to use an AED performed, watch our video Using an AED. Or, for online, in person and blended training courses, visit our AED training page.