Board of Director Duties


  • Provide general leadership and provide direction of the affairs of the Club, subject to the control of the BOD

  • Preside at all meetings of stakeholders and the BOD

  • Regularly meet with designated Voyager RV Resort Management

  • Enforce Robert’s Rules of Order


Vice President

  • Perform all the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President.

  • Oversees all open & reserve court usage schedules and play during the season

  • Monitors the use and content of the bulletin boards

  • make recommendations to the board about court usage scheduling 

  • maintains paper sign-up sheets at sign up locations for all levels



  • Prepare and post minutes of all meetings of the BOD

  • Oversees the information management responsibility including the content of the website and the Voyager RV Resort internal communication processes. 

  •  Maintain the charter and supporting document.


  • Maintain accurate records of all financial affairs of the Club

  • Render a YTD financial report(s) at each BOD meeting including a summary of changes from the last report.

  • Manage the checking account and any other required bank accounts.

  • Ensure that the Club has a minimum of two signatories, approved by the board, on file with the bank and updates the signatories necessary

  • File all financial documentation in a timely manner as required by Voyager RV Resort

  • Archive all financial records to the club’s designated repository.

  • Ensure that the Club General Liability policy and all other subscriptions are renewed as required

Specific duties include:
-  To collect and deposit monies from clinics and lessons, recording those deposits using Quick Books
-  To collect and deposit monies from the Activities Office from BYOB donations
-  To record those donations using Quick Books
-  To collect mail and bring to the board any concerns
-  To accept and write checks for board approved requests
-  To record checks written using Quick Books
-  To reconcile Quick Books with bank statements
-  Print bank statements
-  Prepare two copies of reports for board meeting; Profit and Loss + General Ledger using Quick books
-  To prepare 2 copies of a summary of reports from bank statements and Quick Books, using Word
-  To prepare 2 copies of year end reports using Quick Books and bank statements
-  Summarize reports using Word
-  Present reports to the board
-  Have checks available over the summer in case something unexpected comes up

Tournament Coordinator

  • Oversees the running and organization of all Board approved tournaments.

December Holiday Tournament - major fundraiser tournament

March Resident Tournament

-       Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment and support of the Tournament Directors*(the person running the individual tournament).

  • Responsible for emails and Compass notices, ordering tournament medals.

  • Collaborates with the Social Coordinator with regards to socials connected with the tournaments.

    This position requires good computer skills (for utilizing tournament software), good organizational skills, paying attention to detail and managing deadlines.


This position is very well suited to be a shared position between two people. It is essential that one of the coordinators is at Voyager at the beginning of November. Only one of the coordinators has voting rights on the Board of Directors and is required to attend the Board meetings from November through March.

* Note: Tournament Directors are responsible for

  • registration of players, collection of fees, assignment of games and participants, court assignments, recruiting referees)

  • Arranging spectator seating, registration and vendor space, scorer’s table space, coordinating volunteers and committee chairs (December tournament)

Player Improvement Coordinator

  • Plans and coordinates all pickleball clinics and drills. Activities include:

  • Establishing a Player Improvement Committee comprised of players who have prior teaching experience, are of different playing levels and have knowledge of specific skills to be reinforced. 

  • Identifies the list of instructors, co-instructors and assistants.

  • Prepares a schedule for the pickleball season starting in January through end of March. The schedule will include all levels of play and identified skills to be taught.

  • Conducts a “train the trainer” session for all interested instructors.

  • Creates the schedule in the Sign-Up Genius system (on a weekly basis).

  • Communicates with instructors and prepares necessary paperwork for each clinic.

  • Reviews the Evaluation sheets from each clinic to address any needed changes.

  • Prepares a monthly update of all clinics and drills statistics for reporting to the Pickleball Board. 

  • Oversees the Beginner and Beginner Plus program.

Structured Play Coordinator

  • Oversees all organized play sessions in the park excluding tournaments.

  • Sets schedule

  • Coordinate volunteer session leaders 

  • Weekly summary of attendance

Social Coordinator

  • Oversees organization of all board-approved socials, including park-wide events approved by the Board



Court Maintenance Coordinator

  • Oversees all court maintenance and construction, including but not limited to: cleaning, court improvements and additions, signage and storage. 

  • Responsible for purchasing, cleaning and distribution of balls. 

  • Maintaining nets, court surface, fences and gates

  • Maintaining court signs

  • Maintaining Ball tubes 

  • Maintaining ball practice baskets 

  • Manage water on court 6 during tournament 

  • Maintaining chairs and benches 

  • Maintaining under bench screens on 9/10 

  • Maintaining brooms and squeegees 

  • Maintaining bulletin boards

  • Maintaining plastic storage bins 

  • Maintaining ball practice baskets 

  • Maintaining shade canopies


Note:  Responsibilities described above are to be administered by the person assigned to coordinate that area or their volunteer designee.  Any volunteer designee must be reported to the Board.



Board Meeting Management

Procedure - Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised will be the final authority as to parliamentary procedures at all meetings of the BOD.

Quorum - A quorum shall consist of at least five BOD members.

Voting Privileges - All BOD Members have voting privileges.  Votes are typically cast in person, but in the event of inability to physically attend the meeting, members may elect to call in and participate in the meeting and vote.  In the event of a tie vote, the motion will fail.

Meeting Frequency –

  • BOD meetings will be held monthly from November to March.  The exact date, time, and place for all meetings to be determined by the President.  Stakeholders will be informed of exact date, time, and place via email communication and that information posted on the website.  BOD meetings may be done by conference call and/or electronic means when necessary.

  • The President may call meetings of the Board Directors at any time.  A minimum of 5 members will constitute a quorum.  Club stakeholders who are not board members can participate in discussions but cannot make motions or vote.

  • Special Executive meetings may be called by the President, or by a majority of the current members, indicating the purpose of the special meeting.  Executive Meetings of the Board may be closed to the stakeholders at the discretion of the President.  Special meetings
    should be specific to issues, and may be done by conference call and/or electronic means.

  • At the March Board meeting every year, the Board will:

  • Selecting officers for the next year

  • Plan for the next season’s activities and events

  • Make a formal review and revision, as needed, of the Club charter