Voyager RV Resort Pickleball Board Charter


The Voyager Pickleball Board shall exist to assist Voyager RV Resort in providing a quality pickleball environment for the Voyager community.  The Pickleball Board’s actions and decisions shall be within the constraints allowed by Voyager Activities Director.


The Voyager Pickleball Board shall consist of nine volunteers from the Voyager pickleball community.  All Board members except the Vice President/President Elect will serve two year terms. The Vice President shall serve a one year term and then serve two years as President.  There should be a rotation of four members off the Board each year. No Board member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office. A Board member must be off the Board for at least one year after completing their final term before they can reapply for any Board position.  If in any year there are no or not enough volunteers to fill vacancies on the Board, current Board members may serve additional years, one year at a time. No household / RV shall have more than one individual on the Board or on the same committee at the same time. All committees shall be chaired by a Board member.  Board members are expected to be accessible throughout the Voyager pickleball season (October 31 through March 31).


The Voyager Pickleball Board shall, during March of each year, elect a Pickleball Board President and Vice President to serve for the following fiscal year (October through September).  The President shall chair Board meetings, serve as the liaison / coordinator to the Voyager RV Resort, name other Pickleball members to serve on committees as he/she determines necessary, and provide other direction as agreed upon by the majority of the Pickleball Board. The President will serve for two year and will not perform any other duties (i.e. socials, court usage, etc.) during the term served unless exception is made by the Board.


Decisions of the Pickleball Board shall be made by a quorum of at least five members of the Board and the President will vote only to break a tie vote.



ADOPTED by the Pickleball Board on March 18, 2017.