1. Offer weekly programs from January through March (except for tournament times and weather cancellations) as follows:

       a. Beginner Lessons - one/week

       b. Beginner Plus Lessons -

       c. Clinics -

       d. Drills -

2. Provide something for everyone as follows:

       a. Beginners – weekly lessons, mentored structured play and monthly follow-up drills

       b. Novice - plus lessons, at least and appropriate to this level

       c. Mid-Level (3.5) - at least and appropriate to this level

       d. Upper-level (4.0+) – provide at least and appropriate to this level. Encourage

            interplay opportunities between other clubs if interest is there.


3. Promote referee training and qualifications to support Voyager sponsored tournaments.


4. Promote increased awareness and understanding of:

        a. The rating process – provide one clinic

        b. Various types and means of drilling – provide drills for at least and opportunities to

            try the machine


5. Ensure consistency in program offerings

        a. Provide a lesson plan for beginner and beginner plus lessons – goal is to review and edit both plans   

            at end of season.

        b. Develop a lesson plan for each clinic (instructor provided)

        c. Provide guidelines for various drills to instructors

        d. Schedule new teachers to be mentored by experienced instructors – goal for .

6. Encourage a safe and welcoming environment

         a. Ensure safety instruction is provided in all beginner and beginner plus lessons

         b. Offer CPR training