Board Meeting Management

Procedure - Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised will be the final authority as to parliamentary procedures at all meetings of the BOD.

Quorum - A quorum shall consist of at least five BOD members.

Voting Privileges - All BOD Members have voting privileges.  Votes are typically cast in person, but in the event of inability to physically attend the meeting, members may elect to call in and participate in the meeting and vote.  In the event of a tie vote, the motion will fail.

Meeting Frequency –

  • BOD meetings will be held monthly from November to March.  The exact date, time, and place for all meetings to be determined by the President.  Stakeholders will be informed of exact date, time, and place via email communication and that information posted on the website.  BOD meetings may be done by conference call and/or electronic means when necessary.

  • The President may call meetings of the Board Directors at any time.  A minimum of 5 members will constitute a quorum.  Club stakeholders who are not board members can participate in discussions but cannot make motions or vote.

  • Special Executive meetings may be called by the President, or by a majority of the current members, indicating the purpose of the special meeting.  Executive Meetings of the Board may be closed to the stakeholders at the discretion of the President.  Special meetings
    should be specific to issues, and may be done by conference call and/or electronic means.

  • At the March Board meeting every year, the Board will:

  • Selecting officers for the next year

  • Plan for the next season’s activities and events

  • Make a formal review and revision, as needed, of the Club charter