Announcing the use of Sign Up Genius
The Voyager Pickleball Club will be using Sign Up Genius (an online sign-up program) for all future sign-up’s for Clinics, Drills, Rating Requests and Reserved Courts this season.  No more paper sign-ups.  The Beginner and Beginner Plus lessons will still use the existing paper sign-up process at the Activity Office.  
To gain access to Sign Up Genius (SUG) please use the following site:  Using the system is a two-step process.  The 1st step is to set up your own account by registering your information. You will be asked for your name, email and a password.   After you have established an SUG account you will be able to sign up for different Voyager Pickleball programs using a pc, tablet or smart phone.   

The 2nd part of the process is to actually sign-up for a particular activity.  There will be a “sample” activity available on line for our players to get familiar with the system.

The first time you use Sign Up Genius you will be asked to create a member log in. You will be asked for your name, email and a password. Having the email allows the Sign Up Genius system to notify you 24 hours before an event as a reminder. Once you have signed up for an event it is easy to return to the event and remove your name or change to a different time or day slot.

Sign Up Genius allows you to sign up one additional person when you register for an event. When you click on the 'Submit and Sign Up' button you go to another screen. On that screen you should check the box that says 'Display an alternate name in the sign up page'. This can be helpful to register a friend that may not have computer access.

The pickleball clinic schedule and sign-ups will be available at a later date.   As soon as all clinics for the next month are open to register another email will be sent out to notify everyone.     Thank you in advance for your patience.

If you have questions using this system or are experiencing problems setting up an account please contact Dale Secord at 503-467-9915 or