Tutor Training

Tutor Implementation Plan

  1. Maintenance –  Dan Galvin will be responsible for maintenance of the Tutor.  

  2. Custodial – Initially, there will be two Voyager Pickleball players approved as custodians of the Tutor.  These individuals are Gary Meldrum and JD Walton.

  3. Training – Voyager Clinic & Drill volunteers will be trained on the use of the Tutor in February.  Training on the use of the Tutor for other Voyager pickleball players will be scheduled for the fall of 2018.

  4. Waiver - Prior to using the Tutor, all players shall sign a waiver attesting that they have read the important safety warnings and will be liable for any damages occurring during their use of the Tutor.

  5. Rental – The Board will approve a rental fee for the use of the Tutor.  The rental process will use Sign Up Genius to reserve the Tutor and use the Pay Pal process to pay the rental fee.  The player will be responsible for reserving a court and contacting one of the approved custodians for the Tutor pickup and return.