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"Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless."

Court Maintenance Volunteer Needs

Contact Mark Jordan at

Sweeping courts at least once a week (blower is available)

Pulling weed inside courts (spray is available)

Repairing cracks on courts when needed (led by Board member and mostly done during early fall and later spring).

Keeping Pickleball tubes with at least five balls each (check once a week)

Tournament Volunteer Needs

Contact Diane McGee at and/or Karen Tratiak at

The December and March tournaments here at Voyager are "all hands on deck" events! Volunteers serve as line judges, first-aid volunteers, and set-up/take-down helpers.

Structured Play and Player Improvement Volunteer Needs

Contact Catherine Brown at

Structured Play Volunteer Needs

Volunteers needed from January to March to lead structured play activities. This consists of arriving at the assigned court, post the sign-up sheet, explain the activity and assign the players to the courts. Volunteers can sign up for 1 or more structured play activities per week.

Player Improvement Instructors

Volunteers needed from January to March to teach lessons. The instructor would be responsible to create a lesson plan and to facilitate the teaching of the lesson with instructor assistant helpers. Volunteers can sign up for 1 or more lessons per week. The following lessons have been suggested...

  • Effective Partnering

  • Stacking

  • Effective Pickleball Spins

  • The Mental Strategy of Pickleball

  • Advanced Player Lessons

  • Do you have a lesson in mind??


Player Improvement Instructor Assistants

Volunteers needed from January to March to assist instructors with lessons. Duties will vary depending on the lesson and what the instructor requests. This could consist of setting up cones, target hoops, collecting practice balls, or instructor / helper demonstrations, etc. Volunteers can sign up for 1 or more lessons per week.

Social Committee Volunteer Needs

Contact Dave McMullen at

The masters of FUN! Volunteers are needed throughout the year to help with event prep 

Nominating Committee Volunteer Needs

Contact Evelyn Beloit-Busch at

Standing committee that manages the process of announcing Board of Director positions and encouraging community members to apply.



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