The Voyager Pickleball club is a friendly, welcoming group and we're glad

to have new and seasoned players join in the fun!



  • The best way to learn pickleball or improve your skills is to play the game.

  •  Beginners Lessons are for those new to the sport.  Beginners Plus Lessons are designed for those   ready for refining basic skills and game strategy.  Sign up at the bulletin board next to the Voyager   Activity Office.

  •  Courts are organized by skill levels.  Most courts are for self-rated players, but before 10:00am a few        courts have been designated for rated players only.

  •   Most courts are available for Open Play every day during peak season.

  •   Structured Play involves round-robin games every weekday afternoon where you play with a variety        of people at your skill level.

  •  Reserve a court for an hour on the weekend and play with your friends.  The Club may use either   paper sign up sheets or Sign Up Genius at the Voyager Pickleball website 

  •  (https://www.voyagerpickleball.com) and click on “Sign Up Genius.”


Court Etiquette:

  • Pickleball is popular at Voyager (and elsewhere).  These rules help us to share in the fun and to respect each other:

  • When signing up to play, write your name in the next available spot.  Do not skip unfilled slots.  Stay nearby, so you can move quickly onto the next available court.

  • Move quickly off the court when your game or reserve time is over.  If you want more play, sign up again.

  • Please don’t walk through courts.  Go around.

  • Line calls are the job of the players on the side of the court where the ball landed.  Do your best to make calls fairly, and trust that your opponents will do the same.

  • Shirts and proper shoes are required.  Wear shoes with non-marking soles.  No open-toe shoes or shoes with heavy treads are allowed for safety reasons. 

  • Please keep profanity and alcohol off the courts.

  • Be respectful of every player and offer encouragement to others.

Improving Your Game:

  • Build your skills by participating in lessons, clinics and drills.  Space is limited, so sign up and commit to coming.

  • Clinics and Drills on a variety of topics will be offered from January through March.  Sign-up at the Voyager Pickleball website (https://www.voyagerpickleball.com) and click on “Sign Up Genius.”

  • Get more help from www.usapa.org.  (Look for the “Education and Training” tab)


Connect With Our Pickleball Community:

  • To get the latest Voyager Pickleball news go to the Voyager Pickleball website (https://www.voyagerpickleball.com) and click on “Club Email Sign Up.”

  • Join in the fun at our social events.  Your spouse or significant other is welcome, even if they don't play.

  • Attend board meetings or share your concerns and ideas with board members.

  • Take every opportunity to greet newcomers, answer questions and promote pickleball here at Voyager.