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Clinics & Drills

Improve your Skills with Clinics & Drills!

The Voyager Pickleball Club is excited about helping players of all levels improve their game! The emphasis is on having fun with the game and your neighbors while learning skills and strategies you can take on the court. 

2023-2024 Clinics, Drills, and Lessons

Led by some amazing volunteers here at Voyager, the Club's lessons, clinics and drills schedule is chock full of learning opportunities for players of all levels!  Note: Registration for Beginner and Beginner Plus lessons is in person at the Voyager Activities Office. Registration for Intermediate and Advanced lessons is via TeamReach App


Just looking for the code? Here's a list of TeamReach codes for upcoming lessons:

Bridge To Intermediate - VPBBridge

Mastering Intermediate - VPBMaster

Dink, 3rd Shot Drop, No Lobs - VPBSoft

Stepping Up to Intermediate Plus - VPBStepUp

Coaching Intermediate Play - VPBCoach

Partner Play - VPBPartner

Pickleball Drills - VPBDrills

How to Lob and Defend a Lob- VPBLob

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