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16 Top Notch Courts!

Voyager RV Resort offers 16 pickleball courts available for year-round play. Four courts have lighting for evening play. During the high season (January-March) courts offer scheduled times for open play, skill-level play, clinics, drill, lessons and more. From April to December all courts are open play. 


Etiquette & Safety

Pickleball is popular at Voyager (and elsewhere!). These guidelines help us all share in the fun and respect each other:

1. Shirts and proper shoes are required. For your safety and court maintenance, wear PB or Tennis court shoes

2. Please don't walk through courts. There are gates that allow you to go around.

3. Stack your paddle to show who's in next.

3. Move quickly off the court when your game or reserved time is over.

4. Keep profanity and alcohol off the courts.
5. Be courteous, have fun, enjoy
6. Stay hydrated

7. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located throughout the park. AED Location Map


Daily Court Schedule

2023 Daily Court Schedule (Printable)

Structured Play

2023 Structured Play Schedule (Printable)

Challenge Play

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 to 12:30 

Sign-up sheets posted by 10:30. First come, first served. 

Sign-up sheets will be removed at 10:45. This allows time for us to assign players to a foursome. 

Games begin at 11:00.

Six games will be played. Play twice with each player in a foursome.


Every effort is made to place you at your skill level, i.e. advanced beginner, intermediate, or advanced. This is why we ask for your skill level when signing up on the first day of play. Give us your best guess! 


Clipboards hold scorecards for each court. Record individual scores for each of the six games. After each game you and your partner will record the same score. Return the clipboards to the organizer at the end of the session. Scores will be used to provide players with a skill level for the following session. 


Please call/text/email with questions or suggestions. Help us improve!


Coordinator: Diane McGee 425-870-7700

Assistant: Pam Sharafinski 480-359-2359

Court Reservations

Courts 13, 14, 15, and 16 are available for reservations on Saturdays and Sundays. Sign up sheets will be posted by these courts each Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.

USA Pickleball Rules

Click here to access the 2023 Pickleball USA Rules


Daily Schedule
Challenge Play
Court Reservations
Pickleball USA Rules
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