V  yager Pickleball Club

Welcome to the Voyager Resort Pickleball Club.  The Voyager RV Resort is an active adult RV resort located at 8701 S. Kolb Rd in Tucson, AZ.  We have 16 dedicated pickleball courts available to residents & guests.  Our  club is THE MOST ACTIVE group in the resort.  This website is designed to keep our players updated on our club's activities.

State of Pickleball

This season will be quite different than our usual pickleball seasons. 

First a list of accomplishments:

  1. Voyager has replaced the old volleyball surface with two new pickleball courts.  We now have 16 courts.  Light poles were included and hopefully future capital project will add LED lighting for these two courts.

  2. Voyager has replaced the old lights on courts 7-16 with new LED lights which will dramatically improve evening pickleball

  3. Our industrious Court Maintenance volunteer Darwin Pugmire has been very busy improving our Pickleball facilities.  

Now the reality:

  1. Our two tournaments have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  2. Many of our winter residents/visitors have not arrived at Voyager and it is likely many of them will not be here this season.   This is especially true for our wonderful Canadian players.

  3. The Structured Play Coordinator position is open.

  4. Because of the COVID-19 guidelines from Pima County and the Voyager Management masks are required when players are not on the court.   Players are also suggested to maintain 6 foot social distancing protocols when off the court.  

Suggestions to minimize COVID-19 transmission

  1. Always wear a mask off the courts.   If you feel comfortable wearing a mask on the court that would be beneficial for you and the other players.

  2. Avoid touching your face on or off the court.

  3. Use the COVID-19 sanitation stations to sanitize your hands before entering and when exiting the court.

  4. Wash the ball immediately after the game.   If possible minimize handling the ball between plays by returning the ball to the server by tapping the ball toward them.

  5. If possible and practicable always play pickleball with a small group (bubble) of players.

  6. Play skinny singles with the same partner.

  7. Use the backboard on court 2 to practice various wall drills

  8. Request to use the club Tutor to work on drills by yourself or a partner.




Pickleball Board Meetings

Third Saturday of the Month

November - March

Court Yard   10 AM

All Voyager Pickleball Players are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Pickleball paddle.jpg

Attention Voyager Pickleball Players:


Store Closed

The Voyager Pickleball Store is currently closed. If you have any questions or need help please contact us.


520 834 3004



6918 N Camino Martin Dr

Suite 100

Tucson, AZ 85741

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